A Celebration of Giles - The Family Tree

Grandma - Usually has a faint sniff of bull's eyes, embrocation and brandy.Grandma

FatherFather - Son of Grandma. He has a vague idea that he is head of the household  Mother - There is nothing vague about mothers idea of who's head of the household.Mother

GeorgeGerorge - Eldest Son. George reads a lotVeraVera - Georges wife. Aspirins play a large part in her life.George JrGeorge Jr. - Son of George and Vera.

CarolCarol, Ann and her Twins Laurence and RalphAnn and the Twins

BridgetBridget - Youngest daughter - Nobody has been able to catch her yet !     Ernie - Youngest son. Nine times out of ten he is the brains behind a scheme. The other time he is asleep.Ernie

Stinker / Larry - Not a member of the family but can often be seen with Ernie and nearly always with a camera
Stinker / Larry

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