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This years Giles annual has been published, it is the usual format, however a large number of the cartoons have never been published in an annual before. Click Here to view the cover


A new Giles cartoon collection has been published - "The History of the World According to Giles: 50 Years of Headlines as Seen by the 20th Century's Greatest Cartoonist"

Click Here to purchase the collection on amazon.co.uk


Stay at Hillbrow Farm

Hillbrow Farm, Giles' home for many years is now home to a Bed and Breakfast, so you can stay in the place where Giles created many of his cartoons.

Click here to visit the Hillbrowfarm.com website.

'Giles one of the Family' running at the Cartoon Museum in London (5 November 2008 – 15 February 2009) which includes colour covers, drawings never reproduced in the annuals and a recreation of Giles’ studio complete with desk, drawing board and reference material.
The Links page has been updated to remove some old links and to add some new links.

There are two new Giles Cartoon compilations available to buy. The usual yearly collection, but also a special collection called Giles Fighting Forces. Click on the titles above for details.


Happy New Year to all


Happy Christmas to all visitors of the web site, I hope you have a good time and a Happy New Year


The annual on-line advent calendar is now available in the Fun section of the website

I have also added details of the Giles's London annual in the 'Other Pulblications' part of the site.


The Giles annual 2008 was published in October 2007, the details are in the annual database

Also published is an annual of cartoons featuring London. I have not been able to find this in a book shop yet but details are on Amazon.co.uk


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