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An exhibition of Giles Cartoons and cover Art is to be held at the Canterbury Royal Museum & Art Gallery, running from 20 December 2006 to 3 February 2007

[Open Mon-Sat 10.00 - 17.00 (last admission 16.45), admission free!]

It is really just a taste of the collection, but will include over seventy original drawings, cover designs, etc. etc.


The 2006 advent calendar is up and available. Click Here to see it or visit the 'Gile Fun' section.


This site has been sent information about the Giles Cartoon archive. Visit the Scrapbook and the Giles Memories section for more details.


The details of the 2007 annual have been added to the site. You can view them by clicking here


The 2007 Giles annual is now available, it has previously unseen cartoons from the Express archives and some spot the difference puzzles.

Also out is a replica of the NURSE ! annual to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the NHS

More details soon


Following on from the success of the previous auction Suffolks.co.uk is holding another Giles related auction on the 13th of July

The auction has many items that belong to Giles' secretary, and includes preliminary sketches for the RNLI Christmas cards, a colour picture of Terry Waite due to be presented to him one month before he was kidnapped in Beirut, and a pair of slippers given to Giles by Prince Charles

Read the full press release here


The auction at Suffolks.co.uk raised over 7000, including an unused cover proof that fetched 2700. The press release can be viewed here

Due to the success of the auction there will be another on the 13th of July, with many items from Giles' secretary, more details soon.


Giles auction.

An auction of material Giles gave to a local friend, now deceased, is to be held in Ipswich on 29 June 2006. Material includes two original posters, unpublished drawings, postcards, letters to be sold by the family. Suffolks Auctioneers, Tel 01473 210200 www.suffolks.co.uk


An article has been added to the scrapbook section that looks at the artwork for the series 7 annual.


The BBC1 70's retro police drama, 'Life on Mars' shown on 13/02/2006 mentions Giles. The police are investigating the flat of a suspect and one of them remarks that there is a pile of Giles annuals in the flat.


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