A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Twelfth Series
Original Price 4/6
Date Cartoons Start 29/10/1957Date Cartoons End 16/09/1958
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

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'His superb draughtsmanship coupled with a flair for social satire make him a present-day Hogarth.'

Pat Smythe

'He always manages to hit the nail on the head but in such a funny way. He is my favourite cartoonist by far.'

Ronald Searle

'In his superb understanding of human behaviour no one can touch him. He never overstates. He has an instinctive ability to put down what people are thinking.'

Stirling Moss

'I like the look on the faces of the characters he draws they are so true to life that they remind me of people I know.'

Eammon Andrews

'He takes the pulse of the country as gently as a nurse and you never feel the injection.'

'He makes me go round showing other people his cartoons as if I had done them myself.'

'In every one of his cartoons he says 'This Is Your Life', and goes right to the core of it.'

Ralph Wightman

'Giles makes the whole world kin. His sense of humour seems to hit it off with everyone. There is no malice.'

Stanley Holloway

'I canít say he just makes me laugh. And anyone that makes me laugh can have my money.'

Uffa Fox

'Above all he is a first-rate artist. He has a wonderful knowledge of boats and ships, and of the countryside. All this enables him to set the scene and what a scene! As for his characters, why, they're corkers!'

Gilbert Harding

'It is Giles's acute contemporary observation that is outstanding. He has genuine wit without malice that makes most of us his debtors. He draws with a chuckle, not with a snarl.'

Ben Lyon

'It is the human touch in his cartoons. As a one-time G.I. myself, I get a special kick out of his American servicemen chewing their cigars and with rows of medals. I know the U.S. servicemen over here love them too.'

'And then there are his little children. . .'

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