A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Fifteenth Series
Original Price 4/6
Date Cartoons Start 09/10/1960Date Cartoons End 10/10/1961
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

Introduction by - Bud Flanagan

It is very seldom that a verbal comedian can pay tribute to a comedian in a rather more difficult field. Never in the history of Journalism, in my opinion, has there been as great a cartoonist as Giles.

For a comedian to go on the stage and tell a story is a simple thing, but for a man to use pen, paper, and drawing-board and just one line of caption is indeed a very difficult task.

Who will ever forget that memorable cartoon when Giles showed the Americans entering Berlin for the first time, lounging against the walls, and shouting 'Taxi!' ?

To the few of us who were privileged to see one of his best cartoons when the guest of honour of the Saints and Sinners was Prince Philip, the Giles menu-cover was a work of genius.

It depicted Prince Philip as a Saint, mounted in shining armour on his horse, against a background of stained-glass window.

Opposite was Prince Philip, depicted as a Sinner, still astride his noble horse, but without his armour and in polo make-up.

From below comes a voice, 'NEVER ON SUNDAYS'.

In these times of crisis, there is nothing in my opinion more suitable for a Christmas present than a good laugh. It is just as good as a bottle of medicine. For a tonic, I highly recommend the Giles Christmas Book.

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