A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Eighteenth Series
Original Price 5/-
Date Cartoons Start 25/08/1963Date Cartoons End 15/10/1964
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

Introduction by - Sir Malcolm Sargeant

Before writing this approbation, I looked-up myself in "Who’s Who", and found to my disappointment that I had not put down "leg- pulling" as one of my hobbies. Anyway, it is; that is why I have always admired and enjoyed (admiration and enjoyment are not synonymous) the artistry of Giles.

To mix a metaphor, he always seems able to "leg-pull" by "hitting the nail on the head" - a noteworthy achievement. When this is combined with an exceptional craftsmanship in drawing, we are face to face with something approaching Genius.

I seldom wear a hat, but I put one on as I pen this, in order to take it off in salutation to this admirable compendium of wit, common sense and fun, hoping it will give its pursuers the hundreds of happy chuckles it has given me.

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