A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Twenty First Series
Original Price 5/-
Date Cartoons Start 20/09/1966Date Cartoons End 10/10/1967
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

Introduction by - David Frost

It is difficult enough to write an introduction to a book by a National Institution anyway, but the seemingly negligible hope of finding something new to say about Giles is finally removed totally by reading the list of illustrious predecessors one has had in this task. The list includes Vicky, Gilbert Harding, Annigoni, Osbert Lancaster and Sir Malcolm Sargent.

It has always been Giles' universality that has given him his unique position, indeed, he combines, I think, some of the best elements of all his sponsors. At different times his work possesses the cutting edge of a Vicky, the rebelliousness of a Gilbert Harding, the attention to detail of an Annigoni, the style of an Osbert Lancaster and the joy in life of a Sir Malcolm Sargent.

Luckily for him Giles has never shown any sign of suffering from the hopeless draftsmanship of a David Frost, for whom every art lesson was a nightmare, every attempt at plant drawing a miniature armageddon.

But my admiration of Giles' drawings over the years is not solely due to the fact that I cannot draw for little apples myself, most of all it is because he can draw—superbly. And it is indeed high time you started enjoying his latest selection. . . .

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