A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Twenty Fifth Series
Original Price £0.33
Date Cartoons Start 08/09/1970Date Cartoons End 05/09/1971
Number of Cartoons 125
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

Introduction by - Ronnie Barker & Ronnie Corbett

RONNIE BARKER: Look, we’ve been asked to write an introduction to Giles this year.
RONNIE CORBETT: Whatever for? Giles doesn’t need any introduction, surely. Everybody knows Giles.
RONNIE BARKER: Yes, but this is to introduce his Cartoon Annual.
RONNIE CORBETT: Everybody knows that as well.
RONNIE BARKER: What would you say was his most admirable quality?
RONNIE CORBETT: He’s funny. Very funny.
RONNIE BARKER: Oh, I know he’s funny. But he has his serious side.
RONNIE CORBETT: True. But he’s funny with it.
RONNIE BARKER: His drawing is terribly accurate.
RONNIE CORBETT: Yes - and very funny.
RONNIE BARKER: Would you say it was enough, just to be funny?
RONNIE CORBETT: More than enough. I mean, what’s better than a good laugh?
RONNIE CORBETT: Apart from that. What’s better than a bookful of grins and giggles? What can replace a basinful of fun? And who better to provide them than that master of the comic expression, that brilliant observer and portrayer of the much maligned human figure, that genius of the apt and the topical, the world-renowned Giles?
RONNIE BARKER: Thank you. You’ve just written it for me. I say, do you think the introduction should be funny?
RONNIE CORBETT: What, with a bookful of Giles to follow? That would be chancing your arm, wouldn’t it?

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