A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Thirty Ninth Series
Original Price 1.95
Date Cartoons Start 17/06/1984Date Cartoons End 18/06/1985
Number of Cartoons 125
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 0-85079-152-9

Introduction by - Sir John Junor

All the other actors have long since left the scene.

Churchill in glory, Hitler in flames, Montgomery and Rommel in nostalgia. Eight more Prime Ministers have kissed the Sovereign's hand on appointment.

But Giles and Grandma go marching on.

As this brilliant new annual proves, the humour, the compassion, and the capacitry for observing human frailties, Carl Giles shown no signs whatsoever of diminishing.

He is truly a giant of our time.

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The first cartoon was celebrating VE Day's 40th Anniversary 05/05/1985.
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