A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Fourth Series
Original Price 4/6
Date Cartoons Start 27/02/1949Date Cartoons End 23/08/1950
Number of Cartoons 146
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

Introduction by - Un-named

So this is Giles

SON of a Newmarket racing family. Keeps horses himself. Breeds pigs. Born while parents were staying within one milk of Bow Bells, making him officially a cockney. Schooled all over the place, but never at art school.

Graduated throughout the wilds of Wardour Street film studios, working on mighty epics which never saw daylight. Reached dizzy heights of working for Alexander Korda and then decided he'd had enough of films. Migrated to work in riding schools and goodness knows what else.

Likes: Farming; riding; drinking, Benjamin Britten's music; cars; engineering; drawing; people who congratulate him on cartoons which he didn't do; drinking.

Dislikes: Cinema organists who are for ever telling him they are going to play him an old favourite which never is an old favourite by any means; and ever so many other things.

Habits: Calls all policemen and editors "Sir". Avoids all children under the age of thirty.

Somerset House knows the rest.

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Had an end piece by Giles on how to draw a face.
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