A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Forty Second Series
Original Price £2.50
Date Cartoons Start 30/06/1987Date Cartoons End 12/06/1988
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

Introduction by - Johnny Speight

The gift to see us and point it out with wit and humour, that touch that very few have to mirror what we are. A talent to draw and bring to life. . . not only to draw but to know what to draw. . . Plus. . . that great touch. . . the "common touch". . . the rare ability to reach right across the board. He spots our funny shapes, the nose that doesnít quite fit, the eyebrows that look more like moustaches, and his women who look more like men . . . those faces we see in every crowd, those awful relations, those awful neighbours. . . and those cats who look far more elegant and superior in shape than their owners and seem to know it. I could go on but they only want a paragraph.

Many, like me, Iím sure, would buy the EXPRESS just for "GILES".

The "DAILY EXPRESS" has had many great editors, and even more great writers but only one "GILES".

Iíve known him now for a good few years and have a strong suspicion he is Grandma.

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