A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Forty Fifth Series
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Date Cartoons Start 23/09/1990Date Cartoons End 23/06/1991
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Introduction by - Willie Rushton

I can remember the moment precisely when I decided to be a cartoonist. I think I recall Sir John Gielgud saying how as a lad he saw Dan Leno, or was it Danny La Rue, in ĎPuss in Bootsí at the Old Alhambra, Oldham and from then on it was to be the back legs of the Pantomime Cat forever. My own moment of truth was the cover of what must have been the first Giles Annual. (1946, I think. Correct me if Iím right.) A simple Tommy with a mug of tea and a wad standing amidst the ruins of Berlin was on the front. On the back, emerging from a cellar, with hands aloft and a white flag, a number of German Generals stood in immaculate uniforms and monocles and Heidelberg scars. From then on all I wanted to be was a Cartoonist. Tell the truth, I wanted to be Giles, but he was doing that already. I know I copied him like a fury - Iím certainly not alone in that. To this day, I still panic about plagiarism every time I draw a baby or a grand-mother. Funnily enough, itís not the notorious Family that turns the eyeballs green with jealousy - itís the backgrounds. I wish I could draw trees half as well. I wish I could use colour like he does. I wish. . . . (Thatís enough wishes. Ed.)

The most important lesson I learned from a lifetimeís study of Giles, is that the drawing should make the reader smile, even before he laughs at the caption. Thatís proper cartooning in my book. And in his book, of course, which this is. You are in the presence, gentle reader, of an Old Master. 



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There are 30 Original Cartoons and then a series of previously published cartoons and a series of coloured cartoons and Christmas Cards.

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