A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Forty Eighth Series
Original Price 3.99
Date Cartoons Start //Date Cartoons End //
Number of Cartoons 109
Published by Pedigree BooksISBN 1-874507-29-5

Introduction by - David Jason

When mankind first learned to communicate the first joke was not far behind.

Laughter is one of the most precious gifts that the human race possesses. It takes us all, for a few fleeting moments, away from the pressure of everyday life; and those people who have the gift to make us laugh are very precious indeed.

Not many people can tell a story well and make us truly laugh, but I think Giles is one of our most gifted story-tellers, for what are cartoons if not funny stories told in a visual way, and in Giles' case by a brilliant teller?

Giles is as British as fish and chips and a pork banger, only funnier than both. The day we have the standard Politically Correct E.U. Approved joke is the day the British will have no need of Giles.

Read on, take your time and enjoy yourself.


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