A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Forty Nineth Series
Original Price 4.99
Date Cartoons Start //Date Cartoons End //
Number of Cartoons 103
Published by Pedigree BooksISBN 1-874507-49-X

Introduction by - Lesley Joseph

We have a long standing tradition in our house at Christmas that has gone on for as long as I remember. I always get bubble bath - my mother gets perfume - but my brother, oh joy, gets the Giles Annual, and promptly disappears for an hour, chortling and guffawing, while we wait patiently for him to finish it, so we can catch up with our favourite family.

Why do we love Giles so much - is it because he makes us laugh, or is it that we feel that his family is also our family? We know them all so well - they are so familiar to us, and yet so very much his own creation.

His cartoons seem to epitomise everything we love about this country, and no matter how much you look at them, you will always find something you missed - a child with his head in a bucket - glorious grandma swigging alcohol in a corner, even the animals have their own wicked personalities. This version of our little corner of the world is so special that you feel as long as Giles is around to stop us taking ourselves too seriously, life can't be too bad.

Thank you Giles for all the fun you bring to us - never change!


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