A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Fiftieth Series
Original Price £6.99
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Number of Cartoons 134
Published by Pedigree BooksISBN 1-874507-65-1

Introduction by - HRH The Prince Of Wales

It is an enormous sadness that, with the death of Carl Giles in 1995, this will be the last traditional Giles Annual to be published.

For countless people who, like myself, have grown up in Britain since the Second World War, #Giles# has been a much loved #institution#. I myself always looked forward to his cartoons. Somehow they captured almost unerringly the mood of the nation. His gently wicked, yet never vindictive, humour, wherever it was applied - to politics, my family, the day-to-day incidents and dramas of life in Britain and abroad - endeared him to all of us in a way that no other cartoonist has achieved this century.

In this 50th commemorative year, Gilesí humour still represents in so many ways the best of our nationís character: an ability never to take ourselves too seriously, coupled with the courage to poke fun and to take a stand against injustice from whatever source.

Carl Giles will be missed by many people, both in Britain and overseas, but his ability to distill and to civilise the essence of our world with his humour will live on.

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