A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Fifty Second Series
Original Price £6.99
Date Cartoons Start //Date Cartoons End //
Number of Cartoons 129
Published by Pedigree BooksISBN 1-874507-20-1

Introduction by - John Challis (Boycee)

Giles and his cartoons seem to have been around ever since I became aware that some things were funnier than others. The detail is extravagant. There's always something else to find; a knowing look from a dog, a malevolent child up to no good.

Like the Goon Show, Giles' dysfunctional family changed the face of comedy. It was the first cartoon series that all the family could identify with. "Look at that mum! See, Iím not bad really, I donít do that!" "Mum, Vera's just like our Dorothy." It was for many people their first taste of satire; bringing pithy comment to issues of the day; issues that angered people, bewildered them or just amused.

Like John Sullivan, another writer who has meant a great deal to me and the creator of "Only Fools & Horses", Giles' ability to reach us all makes him part of the very fabric of British life. How many times do we find ourselves saying: "It's just like a Giles cartoon?"


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