A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Fifty Third Series
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Introduction by - David Dimbleby

It is astonishing that Giles still has such appeal that each year we can welcome another Annual. I was introduced to him by my father, who rated Giles his top cartoonist bar none, and used to regale the family with an account of meeting his hero.

Every fan has his own reasons for liking Giles. For me it is not so much the events he comments on. After all, elections and budgets, Motor shows or Smithfield shows, American servicemen and foreign villains come and go. What lasts are the powerful characters. Their language and their lifestyle look a little dated now but their essential characteristics are still those we find all around us. And the draughtsmanship, as ever, is superb.

It would never do to admit it, but don't we all have in our family someone with just a trace, just a hint, of the Giles family in them?

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