A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Eighth Series
Original Price 4/6
Date Cartoons Start 01/10/1953Date Cartoons End 19/09/1954
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

Introduction by - Joan Giles

I HAVE AT LEAST FIVE HUSBANDS. All equally unpredictable. All never quite get-at-able. All under the same marriage licence.

The First - GILES the cartoonist, about whom it has been said:

'The secret of his work is the greatest of all gifts of genius, the common touch . . . He does not fake, he does not invent. He draws real buildings, real pubs, real railway stations. . . . Giles' success in his many varied adventures I attribute to him being one of those people to whom the 'know how' comes automatically.'

This last remark by Lord Beaverbrook in particular I whole-heartedly endorse. Anybody who wants to hear some real caustic comment on high-flown pretensions and everything else should be around our house at breakfast-time and listen to the 'man of genius' going on through the morning papers.

My other husbands consist mainly of GILES the engineer, GILES the designer and builder, GILES the pig breeder, and GILES the car enthusiast.

1. The Cartoonist we love because he and his drawings make us laugh.

2. The Engineer we love because in the monster mobile studio which he designed and built himself he gave so much thought and space to the all very mod. Con. kitchen - even if it was as much in his own interest as mine.

3. The Designer and Builder we love because he converted a gloomy junk - box of a farmhouse into a really livable and cheerful house.

4. The Pig - breeder we're not particularly interested in because we think that to be a successful farmer you have to be a full-time farmer and nothing else.

5. The Car Enthusiast we do NOT love. Although we think he is one of the best drivers we know - he drives fast but with caution, his reaction to emergency is as quick as a cats, and he dislikes bad motoring as one dislikes a bad painting; nonetheless his love of fast cars tempts him back to an old pre-war flame, motor racing, and there Husband Number Five and I fall out. I boycott all meetings where he is racing and show complete indifference whether he wins or loses - a campaign which I know will slowly but surely bring about the divorce of Husband Number Five from the rest of us.

All my husbands, like all husbands, have one thing in common - fairly regular lapses into vagrancy.

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