A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Fifty Sixth Series
Original Price 7.99
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Number of Cartoons 157
Published by Pedigree BooksISBN 1-904-32901-2

Introduction by - Sue MacGregor, OBE

I was very flattered to be asked to write this foreword for the latest album of Giles cartoons. Although I was bought up far away from Great Britain, in south Africa, Giles cartoons so successfully made their way southwards - it must have been in albums rather like this - that they were part of my childhood there in the 1950's. British newspapers - and books - took some weeks to reach us then, on the old Union Castle mailships, which regularly plied their way between Southampton and Cape Town.

Each ship bought a bundle of booty which was on sale within days at the biggest local outlet, the Central News Agency. There was generally a rush for British papers and magazines, and at around Christmas time for the cartoon albums. It was thus that Giles and especially Giles' Granny became so familiar to me. I couldn't always follow the political jokes, but Giles' Granny was such an awesome and terrifying figure that I took to her immediately, even though - or perhaps because - she bore absolutely no resemblance to my own grandmother, a mild-mannered Scottish lady.

The best cartoons perfectly encapsulate the issues of the day. This is what Giles achieved so brilliantly, year after year. It's good to be able to look back at the best of them. Enjoy!

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The annual comes with a 2003 calendar and contains 12 cartoons from Reynolds News

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