A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Fifty Seventh Series
Original Price 6.99
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Number of Cartoons 157
Published by Pedigree BooksISBN 1-904329-30-6

Introduction by - Warren Mitchell

I visited with Carl Giles a couple of times,we were both sailors and yarned sea stories till all around sloped off to bed.


Then some years ago I was honoured to unveil the statue to Giles in Ipswich.A wonderful bronze with Vera, Gran, the kids and even the poor old family dog.
Do have a look if your in the area.


Now leafing through this magnificent book, I'm back in those heady post war days, a hilarious history of the times.


I hope you enjoy it all as much as me.


Warren Mitchell

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This years collection of classic Giles cartoons comes in the usual format,but this year there are no cartoons from Reynolds News. It is accompanied by the traditional calendar

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