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Title The Collection 2009
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Number of Cartoons 141
Published by Express NewspapersISBN 0850793580 / 978-0850793581

Introduction by - Christopher Biggins

Fifty years ago I would go shopping with my mother for presents for Christmas. I loved everything about Christmas and I loved buying presents. But what could I buy for Graddads, Grannies, aged Aunts and Uncles ?

It was easy: 'Giles'

The wrapping of the Giles books took me for ever, not so much because of the painstaking wrapping of the books, but because of me poring overthem before the paper covered their secrets. How I used to laughed at Grandma, who was the spitting image of my great Grandmother.

Fifty years later I'm still buying the collection and reading them before the wrapping begins. Giles may not be here today commenting on today's society, but what a treasure of laughs he has left us. Carry on laughing, as I am, fifty years later

thank you Giles, you're simply the best.

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The usual annual collection with some spot the difference cartoons, compiled by John Field

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